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Louisiella-Kailani Dress Louisiella-Kailani Dress

It's a romantic dress.embroidered flower patterned collar brighten the face.The mint-colored khaki color is lovely.Material : Cotton 100%SIZE CHART (c..

¥515 ¥859

Louisiella-Peony Dress - Blue Louisiella-Peony Dress - Blue

It is a vintage dress.The length is long, and the voluminous buloon sleeves are lovely.It is a flower print fabric that can only be found in Louisiell..

¥502 ¥773

Louisiella-Trudy Knit Cardigan - Indie Pink Louisiella-Trudy Knit Cardigan - Indie Pink

It's a 100% knit-cardigan with a soft touch.The Scotch organization feels feminine and stylish.Material : Cotton 100%SIZE CHART (cm)SIZELengthShoulder..

¥468 ¥668

Louisiella-Eliana Blouse Louisiella-Eliana Blouse

The delicate and unique lace collar is an attractive blouse.The collar voluminous shirings look plentiful.It has a natural vintage feel to it.Material..

¥329 ¥470

Louisiella-Aubrey Blouse - White Louisiella-Aubrey Blouse - White

It's a blouse with delicate lace and tweezers.A soft, light material with a moderately fluttered fit gives you a feminine look.Material : POLYESTER 80..

¥390 ¥600

Louisiella-Devant Cape Louisiella-Devant Cape

The detail of the delicately embroidered lace is a luxurious cape.It can be made by tying strings and giving points.Material : Linen 100%..

¥200 ¥286

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